What I’m doing now:


  • A manuscript tentatively titled “Transmediation as deep meditation: Infusing the arts in qualitative analysis.” My collaborator and I are working on a paper that outlines an Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) thread used in our analysis of data in our respective projects.
  • A manuscript that is focused on tracing semiotic mobility in adolescent writing.

Research Projects

The Write4Change project connects adolescents around the world on an online platform in order to collaborate as they write to create change in and across their communities. Students are connected through their teachers, and a central part of the project is to create an “overlay” curriculum that supports teachers and students as they write for social justice on a global scale while still meeting the needs of their local curriculum.  If you are a teacher or researcher interested in the global dimensions of writing and collaboration, please visit out project page to see how you can get involved and become a member or collaborator.

  • Visual Literacy to Support Critical Level Comprehension for Readers who Struggle

This project is taking a close look at visual literacy and if/how it might act as a “by-pass” strategy for students who struggle with decoding but are still in need of critical level comprehension. Often, students who struggle with decoding also struggle with critical level comprehension yet the majority of instruction is focused on decoding skills and strategies. This project looks to see if providing visual literacy instruction that taps into critical level comprehension can run as a parallel instructional focus to decoding work with struggling readers.

  • Examining Teacher Perceptions of Reading Workshop

This project is collecting perspectives on learning about, implementing, and integrating Reading Workshop in K-8 classrooms. While the perspectives of students in workshop settings have been studied, less work has been done to see how teachers in various contexts are utilizing Reading Workshop in their classrooms.

Last Updated April 9, 2020


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